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Bommarillu Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed




The actress said, "I am excited to be back in the character of Neha. My all-time favorite film, Bommarillu is a cult classic. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this remake. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and looking forward to my audiences to watch it soon!" The film's first look was revealed on 20 August 2018. Plot Neha is a confident, outspoken and talented journalist who works in the Hyderabad bureau of India Today. She has an affair with the tabloid's editor, Shankar. Neha is the only daughter of her widowed mother, who is a strict disciplinarian. Her father, a gynaecologist who is a widower, lives in London with his son and daughter-in-law. Though Neha is raised and educated in Britain, she belongs to a middle-class Indian family. Her father's second wife, Nirmala, is the daughter of a journalist and is a gossip columnist. Neha is a well-paid journalist at India Today. Her boss, Prasad, hopes that she will eventually be a CEO. He tries to persuade her to leave for a job in New York, but she refuses. Shankar, who works in the same bureau, is in love with Neha. He is known for his risky and sensational journalism and is despised by Neha's editor. Neha's office gets attacked by a group of goons on a fake complaint by a corrupt politician. She witnesses one of their accomplices, an industrialist, after-dinner with her boss. She threatens to expose his corruption, but he intimidates her. She loses her temper and insults him in front of her colleagues. When her boss threatens to sack her, she learns that he is in fact her boss's wife's son-in-law. He plots to ruin her career by bringing out compromising photos of her during her foreign assignment. She is pressured to sign a contract with an extortionist who threatens to ruin her and her family if she does not pay up. She realizes that she has been set up when her boss calls on her mobile and she learns that her friend has been kidnapped in Dubai, where she was doing a story on child trafficking. The kidnappers, led by a sadistic businessman named Tom, call Neha's father and threaten to kill her, her mother, and Neha's younger sister, if she




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Bommarillu Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed

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