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It's Giveaway Time!

letterbox gift set

Hello lovely people!

How are you all? I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday. I'm still in my pj's with a sinus infection. I could really do with A Hug in the Post! Do you know anyone who sends them?! he he!

Just to let you know, I'm running 5 days of giveaways over on Instagram (@letterboxluxuries) so please pop by and enter for a chance to win!

We're up to day 3, but you can still enter. All 5 days are open until the 26th!

So far we've had:

Day 1 - Win A Hug In the Post

Day 2 - Win sterling silver stud earrings

Day 3- Win your letterbox gift set of choice.

Wishing you lots of luck. I hope to see you over on Instagram!

Much love

Charlotte xxx

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