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Why Send Letterbox Gift Sets?

Letterbox Gifts, Letterbox Luxuries

Good morning!

I hope you've had a fantastic start to the day. It's dark and rainy here, a duvet day me thinks! We were planning to go out for a walk but it's not looking likely now. What are you up to? What ever your plans, have a lovely, happy, Sunday.

Earlier in the week a Facebook post by the very inspirational Holly Barras got me thinking. I need to share 'the why'!

Why Letterbox Luxuries?

Why Letterbox Gifts?

Why send Letterbox Luxuries Letterbox Gift Sets?

So, here's the why...

Firstly, I’m guessing most (all) of you reading this blog post are crazy busy ALL of the time. Wandering around gorgeous boutiques and selecting unique gifts sounds blissful but you simply don’t have the time. (Or the patience with a screaming toddler/grumpy tweens/bored husband in tow). Secondly, I’m also guessing your friends/family members (gift recipients) are equally busy and REALLY don’t fancy a trip to the sorting office or to annoy a neighbour. Finally, (and I’m not claiming to be Mystic Meg here) but I’m guessing that while you love sending gifts, mortgages, car insurance, school uniforms, makeup habits (just me then?) mean money isn’t something you can throw around. Am I right? So that’s why Letterbox Luxuries, gorgeous letterbox friendly gifts you can buy from the comfort of your sofa and don’t require a sorting office or second mortgage. Simples!

If you've just fallen upon this blog post, I'd love you to check out our website -

We have a gorgeous selection of letterbox friendly gift sets and gorgeous pieces of jewellery. Gorgeous gift wrap, a personal message and free first class delivery is always included.

Which of our lovely letterbox gifts would you most like to receive?

Have a fantastic week ahead. It's nearly December the 1st!!!

Take care

Charlotte xxx

ps excuse the plastic door. We've been Safestyled!!!


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