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Thank You Teacher - Letterbox Gift Sets

Thank you for helping me grow Letterbox Gift Set

Hello lovelies,

Happy Saturday!

May your weekend be long and joyous.

Did you know, in addition to finding gorgeous gifts on our own fair website, Letterbox Luxuries gift sets are also available from the incredible on line department shop And So To Shop?

If you haven't visited And So To Shop before click here and enjoy browsing unique and handmade gifts in the comfort of your pjs. Why not pour a glass of wine while you're at it? What's not to love??

This incredible The And So to franchise was founded by the very lovely Louise Daniel who, amazingly, teaches four days a week in addition to running this extraordinary business!

Anyway, I digress, earlier in the week I read a rather fantastic blog post by Claire King who runs King and Eye Crochet. Claire interviewed Louise and the result was an inspirational read. I wholeheartedly recommend you click here and pop over for a browse

It's that time of year when parents ponder over gifts for teachers. What's too much? What's not enough? Someone always turns up in the playground with a bouquet and bottle of champagne... another mum bakes a huge cake. TBH I can't bake and the champagne would get drunk the night before.

Earlier today we launched two lovely new gift sets which (we hope) will ease your shopping woes.

This lovely letterbox gift set includes:

  • Florence May Naturals - Tote Bag

  • Florence May Naturals- Serenity Tealight Set

  • Sweetheart and Darlings - Thank you for helping me grow wish bracelet

This gorgeous gift set contains:

  • Savon Claire - Pencil Set

  • Florence May Naturals - Serenity Tealight Set

  • Sweetheart and Darlings - Thank you for helping me grow Wish Bracelet

Prices start at £16.99 and includes free first class delivery and a personalised note. Letterbox Luxuries Gift Sets can be delivered direct to the staff room or back to you, so your little one can proudly deliver their gift in person.

We hope it helps!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Love Charlotte x

Thank you teacher letterbox Gift


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